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Heritage Site's And Stately Home's.

in County Monaghan.

Monaghan County Museum.
(Place of the thickets.)

This is an excellent museum established in 1974 was the first full time local authority funded museum in the country. It has many items relating to local history and archaeology,there are collections of prehistoric pottery. Mesolithic flints, many bronze age weapons, and an iron age cauldron. There are numerous domestic articles from the nineteenth century

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The museum has recently fitted state of the art youch screen displays and interactive displays. The museum gallery as well as displaying paintings by local artists, stages a variety of temporary exhibitions and events, you will be sure to find something to suit all ages and interests.

Castle Leslie.

Castle Leslie set in a extensive country estate near the picturesque village of Glaslough in north Monaghan, it was purchased by the Bishop of Clougher John Leslie in 1665. You will find an extensive and interesting history of the estate and family on Castle Leslie's web site.

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The estate is run as an up market hotel and equestrian centre.