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The Hill of the Witches.

In County Meath.

(Slieve na Calliagh)

This prehistoric site is thought to be almost 5000 years old. It is reached by foot from a car park, the summit stands at 911 ft (278 M) the highest point for miles affording splendid views of the surrounding countryside in all directions.

There are 30 known tombs on the site only two are in good condition. Embedded in the mound of stones of the eastern tomb known as Cambane East is a huge stone known as the 'Hag's Seat' it is shaped like an altar, its use is unknown.

There is only one tomb in good condition and open to the public, there is a guide on hand during the Tourist season, to explain the tomb's history and show you inside, where there is a splendidly carved stone, the meaning of the symbols are unknown. We have a high resolution image of the stone here.

You can download a digital jigsaw of the image here.