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Bective Abbey.

Mainistir Bheigtí

In County Meath.

Bective Abbey.

Bective Abbey set in the lush country side of County Meath about 200 Metres north of the river Boyne was founded in 1147 by Murchad O'Melaglin, king of Meath, this was the first of the daughter houses of Mellifont.

Little can be identified of the original building, the abbey was extensively rebuilt after 1274, further work was carried out during the 1400's. After the dissolution of the monasteries, it came into the possession of a Thomas Agard, who converted much of it into a sprawling mansion.

The exhumed body of Hugh de Lacy was buried here in 1195 by Matthew archbishop of Cashel, and John archbishop of Dublin; but they deposited his head in the abbey of St. Thomas, near Dublin. (From the annals of Dublin)

Bective Abbey received much local publicity, and many foreign visitors, when the cloisters were used by a film crew shooting a scene for Braveheart, which Mel Gibson produced, directed and starred in.

Plans are afoot (June 2005) to develop the abbey with a car park and visitor centre.

PS Passing in September 2007 nothing seems to have happened to Bective Abbey yet.

2011 Is there any developments ? I don't think so, why don't we just crusify the greedy bankers?