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Westport House Co Mayo.

Westport House.

The earliest part of the house was built in the 1730's for John Browne later first earl of Alatmont. In 1778 further extension were made forming a courtyard at the rear, later still this was roofed.

The interior of the house is magnificent due mainly to decoration and plaster work done by James Wyatt, who was hired by the third earl later to become marques's of Sligo. The walls are hung with family portraits two by Sir Joshua Reynolds, there are several landscapes by Irish painter James Arthur O'Connell (1792 - 1841)

In the dining room is the Mayo Legion Flag, brought from France by General Humbert when he landed at Killala Bay in 1798.

Beneath the house are dungeons these date from an earlier dwelling, allegedly the castle was once the home of the famous Irish Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley, born in 1530 she had a large fleet of war galleys and attacked the Irish coast and Atlantic shipping. In 1593 she sailed her ship up the river Thames in London, in an audience with Queen Elizabeth I. she negotiated a pardon and retired.

Westport House

Co Mayo
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