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Eachléim Heritage Centre.

Belmullet County Mayo.

Eachléim Heritage Centre.

The Ionad Deirbhle Heritage Centre situated 11 miles from Belmullet, at the southern tip of the Mullet peninsula. It was officially opened on August 13th 1997 by Her Excellency Mary Robinson, President of Ireland. Located in one of the most stunningly beautiful and unspoiled landscapes in Ireland. The centre houses a wealth of information and gives the visitor a valuable insight into the lifestyle, local folklore, archaeology, history and portrays graphic images of a former way of life such as, the construction of houses native to this area, and the life of the Curragh fishermen who risked and often lost their lives on the stormy Atlantic to feed the community.

The the overall plan of the building emulates that of the traditional type of house found on the Inis Geidh Islands, the centre houses a craft and coffee shop. On display are a pair of creels (pannier baskets) traditionally made from sally rods grown locally. Creels were attached in pairs across a donkey's back and used to carry loads of turf, seaweed and potatoes

The making of patchwork quilts from cotton scraps and used as bedcovers, was much practiced as in other parts of Ireland, almost every house had a quilting frame. The making of straw hats, as worn by straw boys, this was a tradition carried on in many parts of Ireland it was the tradition for straw boys to come and dance at weddings, they usually arrived in the late evening. They had conical hats and capes woven from straw as well as straw masks and straw tied around their legs. They took no refreshment nor did they speak, they usually stayed for about half an hour, danced with everyone and left.

Eachléim Heritage Centre
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This tradition may possibly comes from Pagan times when fertility right's may have been carried out by people who dressed up and danced at sites of significance to their culture.