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Castles in County Louth.

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Termofeckin Castle.

(Church land of St Feichin.)

This is a three storey fifteenth century battlemented tower house, it was used as Episcopal palace of the medieval archbishops of Armagh, who preferred for reasons of safety to live within the Pale, rather than at their Archiepiscopal seat in Armagh city.

The castle is situated just a little to the south of the village of Termofeckin, it appears to be located on private land.

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Roodstown Castle.

This well preserved four storey tower house was built in the fifteenth century. It has a rectangular central block with diagonally opposed square towers at opposite corners. This configuration is fairly common in Scotland, but this is the only example of that type from this period in Ireland.

Co Louth
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The building contains trefoil headed windows, and one mullioned window, as well as a murder hole over the entrance passage.



Ardee Castle.

Ardee Castle was built in the 13th Century Robert de Pipart.

During the Williamite Wars both William III and King James II are said to have stayed in Ardee Castle.

Co Louth
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Complete List of Castles in Co Louth.
Castle Name Condition Description Time Period Contructed Founded by Parish Map Ref
Ardee Castle (St. Leger's Castle) Complete tower house 13th century, now a courthouse. 15th century de Peppard (1207), Ardee N962907
Balley Castle


Ballug Castle Ruin


Ballymascanlon Castle None


Balrichen castle (Balbriggan Castle) Ruins


Belrobin Castle None


Byrne’s Folly (Dun Dealgan Motte) Ruin

Castle Bellingham Complete Now a hotel


Castletown Castle Complete

Clonkeen Castle Ruins


Clonmore Castle Ruins


Darver Castle Complete

Drogheda Castles
Mill Mount is an Anglo-Norman motte built on a prehistoric mound. On the opposite side of the River Boyne is the 13th century St Lawrence's Gate, which may be the remains of the barbican of another castle. North of river from St. Laurence's Gate de Lacy (c1180s)
N 0976
Dromiskin Castle (Dromisken Castle)


Dunmahon Castle Partial A 15th century towerhouse.
Glaspistole Castle (Clogher Castle, Kilclogher Castle) Ruins


Hatch's Castle Complete tower house.
Heynestown Castle


King John's Castle Ruin A "D" shaped stone enclosure castle of the late 12th century with a 13th century hall block.   de Lacy (c1200) Carlingford J188120
Knock Abbey Castle Complete


Milltown castle (Louth Castle, Fairy Mount) Partial A 12th century motte (S of Heynestown) 16th century tower
Monasterboise Round Tower
Round Tower
Mount Ash
An Anglo-Norman motte castle with remains of stonework.
H 9514
Roche Castle (Castleroche, Castlellum de Rupe, de la Roche) Ruin A 13th century stone enclosure castle containing the remains of an earlier great tower.   de Verdun (1236-74) -
Roodstown Castle Partial A 15th century four-storeyed rectangular towerhouse.
  Ardee N996925
Slane Castle Complete


Smarmore Castle Complete   Towerhouse (c1320)

St Laurence's Gate

(c1250)   Drogheda O092753
Taaffe's Castle Partial 16th century towerhouse.
Termonfeckin Castle Partial A 15th/16th century towerhouse. 15th/16th century tower-house   Termonfeckin O143803
The Mint Complete 16th century towerhouse.