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Ecclesiastical Sites
in County Laois.

Ougheval Abbey.

Situated near the town of Stradbally Ougheval Abbey and graveyard is the site of the earliest recorded home of the Book of Leinster. The abbey is within walking distance of the famous Windy Gap which has a forest nearby.

Timahoe Round Tower.

The tower at Timahoe rises to 96 Ft high is among the highest in Ireland, the doorway 3 Metres (10 Ft) is in the Romanesque style with carved bearded heads above the door, as is the window in the third storey, close to the tower is the fragmentary remains of a fifteenth century church.

It is thought a church may have been founded on the site by St Mochua who died in 657

Coolbanagher Church.

This beautiful little church was completed in 1786 by James Gandon who also designed the nearby Emo Court, both commissioned by John Dawson first earl of Portarlington.

The rectangular nave is small and narrow, the gallery at the rear has a rounded apse, on either side of the nave are niches in which large Classical plaster urns sit. The church steeple is a later addition.