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The Straffan Butterfly Farm.

The Straffan Butterfly Farm.

The Straffan Butterfly Farm is Ireland's first live tropical butterfly exhibition.

The farm was opened in 1986 because of the owners interest in butterflies and in nature generally.

Butterflies are fascinating and beautiful creatures and the farm is an indoor all weather centre - a mini visit to an exotic tropical environment here in Ireland. It is an oppurtunity to see at close range some of the worlds most exotic creatures and observe their interesting life cycles.

There is a large exhibition area of butterfly collections from all over the world with a special emphasis on educational and living displays.

In the tropical butterfly house, relax among colourful blooms and exotic planrs while butterflies fly and feed around you.

Straffan Butterfly Farm,
Co. Kildare
Tel +353 1 6271109
Fax +353 (0)
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Whatever the weather is, there's always something to see!

Walk in a glass house surrounded by tropical butterflies, watch the deadly tarantella safe behind glass

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