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County Galway.


Robert Ffrench (No connection to Percy the Songwriter) set up an estate here in the mid 18th Century, he was a member of one of the 14 tribes of Galway. He developed a linen industry on the estate and built the village of Monivea.

By 1779 there were 276 houses with 96 looms and 370 spinning wheels. East of the village is a mausoleum built to the last Ffrench Robert Percy by his only child Kathleen.

The monument which today would cost in excess of one million pounds. It is built in the form of a castle with a funerary chapel vaulted in white granite, with a floor of white gray and pink marble. The stained glass windows have elaborate floral designs around coats of arms.

On a bed on the floor lies the bearded figure of Robert Percy Ffrench carved in white Italian marble. Kathleen died while traveling in China, she is buried beside her father.