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Town's in County Galway.

Galway City.

(Gailleamh's place)

For close on 1000 years Galway has been an important Centre's. Its unique geographical location with its natural harbour, made a natural trading Centre's.

Around 1240 the de Burgo family built a castle, around which the town grew up, the trade was mostly with France and Spain.

Not much evidence remains of Galway's medieval past, on shop street Lynch's castle is the most complete, it is without a doubt one of the finest medieval town houses remaining in Ireland.

This was once the stronghold of the Lynch family one of the 14 tribes that Cromwell referred to as the 14 tribes of Galway, it is now owned by the Allied Irish Bank and is the oldest Irish building used for commercially.

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(Cill Chiaraine.)
(Church of St Kieran)

St Kieran, the 6th century saint who founded the abbey of Clonmacnoise in County Offaly, is believed to have stopped here on his way to visit St Enda on the Aran Islands.

The village today depends on fishing and tourism, in the late 1970's kelp and sea weed were harvested and exported, to be made into cosmetics among other things, this may still be carried on. The sea around Kilkieran holds many fine specimin fish, Check our listings, it may be possible to take a day fishing trip in the area.

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