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Castle Archdale Country Park.

In County Fermanagh.

Castle Archdale Country Park.

Castle Archdale stood originally on one thousand acres, it was bought in 1610 for £506.08, by the Archdal family from Norfolk (England) Nothing remains of the first castle built on the site, save for a date plaque. A Palladian Mansion was built in 1778 by Colonel Mervyn Archdale, all that remains of it is a former stable block. The building is used today as a youth hostel, and also houses an exhibition center.

Another source states that the original Castle Archdale was a tee shaped plantation house and bawn built in 1615 by John Archdale from Suffolk England, the house was destroyed in 1689.

Castle Archdale
Co Fermanagh
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The estate was requisitioned by Coastal Command (RAF) during the first World War and used as a base for sea planes.