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Ecclesiastical Site's.
in Fermanagh.

Aghalurcher Church.

Aghalurcher Church.

(Field of the cast.)

The ruins of Aghalurcher Church visible on the site today are those of a medieval church replacing a pre Norman monastery associated with St Ronan, son of A dh Dubb of the royal family Airgialla probably of the late 6th early 7th century's, his feast day is thought to have been the 23rd December. Another saint associated with the site is Feidhlimidh.

The church situated in the heartland of the Maguire terrority was an important site in medieval times, members of the family appear as clergy in the records, and it was their chief burial place, there are many gravestones in the cemetery bearing the family name.

Annals from the 15th and 16th century's tell of men being killed both in the church and at the gate, these may have been persons who unsuccessfully sought sanctuary in the church. The church may have fallen into ruin in the 17th century, but the graveyard continued to be used and appears to still be in use.

It is recorded in the Annals of Ulster that in 1447 'This year a French roof was put on the church at Aghalurcher by Tomas Maguire, younger, king of Fir Manach, in honour of Tigernach and Ronan, and it was he who built the east gable of the church.'

In the churchyard are many headstones bearing the names of plantation families such as the Balfour's of Castle Balfour and the Galbraith's of Rathmoran, lying side by side with the native Irish, their body's subsumed by the soil they once fought over.

The parish of Aghalurcher from Samuel Lewis' Topographical Directory of Ireland 1837