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In Co Dublin.

Kilmainham Goal.

The goal at Kilmainham dates to the 1790's, it spent one hundred and thirty years as a prison. It was closed in 1924 and reopened in 1966 as a museum, during that time it held some of the many people involved in Ireland's struggle for independence. Patrick Pearse and James Connolly were executed in the prison yard. One of its last inmates was Eamon de Velera later to become prime minister and then president of Ireland.

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The prison is open to the public with guided tours of all the main areas including the punishment rooms and the execution cell.



Trinity College.

The library at Trinity is more akin to a cathedral, it houses about two million volumes, stored in huge wall to ceiling shelving in twenty bays, this is aptly named 'The Long Room' measuring 64m (210 ft) long and 12 M (39 ft) wide. The original building was designed by Thomas Burgh in 1712, the barrel vaulted ceiling was added in the nineteenth century in order to accommodate more books.

One of Trinity's first students was Bishop James Usher, who became famous for his writing, and his pronouncement that the world was created on 23rd October 4004 BC.

Read about Trinity College from Samuel Lewis' Topographical Direcrory of Ireland 1837

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The library houses two harps one is associated by King Brian Boru although it actually dates from the fifteenth century. Probably the most valuable exhibit is the Book of Kells, a eighth century illuminated manuscript of the four gospels, other notable exhibits are the Book of Durrow produced in Durrow Abbey in County Offaly, founded by St Colmcille.



Phoenix Park.

Phoenix park with an area of 1752 acres must be one of the largest city parks in the world, it is surrounded by a wall 11.27 Kilometers (7 miles) long. It dates from 1662 when the Duke of Ormond opened it as a deer park, today the park holds a population of 300 deer descended from the original stock.

Within the park there are gardens, lakes and woods, it is the site of the worlds third oldest zoo established in 1831.

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Almost every conceivable sport is catered for within the park, from polo to cricket.

The park is entered at its south-eastern corner, to the left of the gate is a 58 Meter (190 ft) obelisk honouring the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Welsy who was born. A fact which he appears not to have been proud of, when someone described him as a Dubliner, he replied. 'Just because you were born in a stable, it doesn't mean you are a horse.'



Skerries Mills.

The Skerries Mills complex comprises of a watermill, with associated race and mill pond, a four sail and a five sail windmill, all are in working order

  Skerries Mills
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The first mill on the site was built in the 16th century, a bakery was established on the site in 1840.

Open daily throughout the year, craft shop and restaurant on site.


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