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Narrowwater Castle.

County Down.

Narrow Water Castle

Narrow Water castle was was built, according to one source in the 1560's to house a Royal garrison of the newly crowned Elizabeth I of England.

Narrow Water saw the shedding of much blood when in August 1979 the IRA from across the river in County Louth, detonated a bomb hidden in a load of hay eighteen British soldiers were killed in the attack.

In Sheila St Clair's book 'Mysterious Ireland' which chronicles paranormal activities in County Down. she states that the castle was built in 1560 by the Maginnis clan. She goes on to site several instances which are reputed to have occurred shortly after the IRA bombing mentioned above, when motorists were stopped by an army patrol, they were approached by a soldier, others could be seen by the roadside, only one of these people claimed the soldier spoke to them, in all cases the entire patrol simply disappeared.

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