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Bagenal's Castle.


Bagenal's Castle derives its name from Sir Nicholas Bagenal (1509-90) who was granted the Abbey Lands of Newry in 1150 after living for a period in the Abbots house he built a castle in the town This was a substantial three storey building.

Although the castle is mentioned ocassionaly in history its actual location was unknown until 1996 when renovations were being carried out to McCanns bakery in Abbey Way, excessively thick walls were discovered which many claimed proved it to be the remains of the castle. Some local historians claimed that Bagenal's Castle newer existed and that plans that were found in the Public Record Office at Kew, the building has been restored according to these drawings which date from from 1568.

One school of thought contend that the plans were presented to Elizabeth I by Bagenal in a fraudulent attempt to procure funding to build a castle, no funding was forthcoming, which was not the case for the restoration see this link for mor information.

Newry and Mourne Council have rebuild the castle as a Museum and Visitor Centre, which makes it a flagship tourist attraction. The castle is unique in that the original plans and elevations of the castle survive in the Public Records Office, London.