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Heritage Site's
in County Donegal.


Glencolumbkille Folk Museum.

(Glen of St Columbkille.)

This folk museum consists of three model thatched cottages built and furnished in the styles that would have been used in the 1800, 1850, and 1900 respectively. When viewed they give an indication of material and social progress among the poor people of Donegal during the nineteenth century.

There is also a nineteenth century schoolhouse, a shebeen (Illegal drinking house) and a large iron cooking pot similar to what was used during the famine, to serve soup to the poor.

An Clachan
Co Donegal
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Donegal Historical Society Museum.

This small museum houses a collection of penal crosses and other memorabilia of Catholic prosecution, also a collection of Neolithic flint arrow and axe heads.

There is a proclamation issued by Napper Tandy, a bayonet carried by a French office aboard the Hoche when it was captured off the Donegal coast. There is also many items relating to the Irish Civil war and the Irish war of independence.

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Quay Street
Donegal Town
Co Donegal
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Doagh Famine Village.

Donagh (Sand hill.)

Doagh Famine Village offers a large selection of life size attractions portraying life in Ireland from the 1840s until the present day.

The whole attraction is built around and includes original thatched dwellings which were still inhabited up until 1983 by the owners family and your tour guide, Pat Doherty.

New Attraction for 2012!

This year we have added a completely new interactive attraction.

It is sure to bring a chill to your spine and a smile to your face.

Doagh Famine Village
Doagh Island
Co Donegal
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The Haunted Rooms are already proving to be very popular with visitors and they enter the unknown for a friendly scare and a good laugh.

So, if you are brave enough you can enter the Haunted Rooms when visiting us



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