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Castles in County Donegal.

Doe Castle.

Doe Castle is situated on a tongue of land that projects into Sheep Haven, it dates from the early 15th century. In the 1440's it fell into the hands of the McSweeney who were notorious for their constant changes of allegiance in the struggle between the Irish and the English. In 1588 it served as a temporary refuge for shipwrecked sailors of the Spanish armada. Due no doubt to its remoteness it did not fall to Cromwell's army until 1659 when it was captured by a surprise amphibious attack.

The castle was converted into a residence in the eighteenth century, and was used for a time by a General George Vaughan Harte he had served in India and came to Doe, bringing with him an Indian manservant who slept outside Hartes bedroom door fully armed.

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In a nearby grave yard are several tombs of the McSweeney's and other clan chieftains.




Donegal Castle.

(Fort of the foreigners.)

This castle was probably built in the fifteenth century by Aedh Roe O'Donnell, it was the residence of Hugh Roe O'Donnell earl of Tyrconnell, until his exile to Spain were he died.

Sir Basil Brooke was was granted Donegal Castle in 1607 after the flight of the Earls. At this time several leading Ulster families left Ulster for the continent. The castle at Donegal was the stronghold of the O'Donnell clan. Shortly after Brooke took over the four storey tower house, he remodeled it including a bay window and a fireplace with his coat of arms above, he also added a wing in the Jacobean style.

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