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Glanworth Town.

County Cork.



The little village of Glanworth set in a fertile area of north county Cork on the banks of the river Fusion, holds the distinction of having Irelands oldest bridge in daily use. The bridge has 12 stone arches with a total length of 137 Meters (150 yards) and was built in 1446. It is testament to the skill of the stone masons of nearly six hundred years ago.

Near the bridge are the sizeable ruins of a castle which belonged to the Roche clan.

Two miles south-east of the village on Labbacalle Hill, is one of the best preserved wedge-tombs in Ireland, its Irish name means 'Hag's bed' during excavations in 1934 a headless female skeleton was found in the inner chamber, the skull was in the outer chamber with some male skeletons.

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Similar finds have been made in Brittany in tombs of that period. Just east of the tomb in the river is a large stone, according to legend this stone was thrown by a hag at her absconding husband pinning him to the riverbed. It is the contention of some that this tale together with the skeletons in the tomb may hint at some form of matriarchal society.

According to Samuel Lewis 'Topographical Directory 1837 two flour mill near the town produced 10,000 barrels of flour annually.