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Towns in County Cavan.


Swanlinbar, a small village in West Cavan, lies beside the Ulster Walkway and Cladagh river, making the area popular with fishermen, walkers and hikers.

Swanlinbar is located in a beautiful region, dominated by steep mountains. Ben Aughlin, just to the northwest of Swanlinbar, owes its unusual shape to ice formations during the last Ice Age over 12,000 years ago.

An amenity area at the nearby Tullydermot view point and waterfalls provides beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Many examples of sweat houses also dot the hinterland. Sweat houses are small structures built of stone without mortar and are very common in West Cavan and neighboring parts of Counties Leitrim and Fermanagh. They were used by sufferers of a variety of illnesses, from rheumatism to skin complaints. A fire was lit in the central chamber and a patient would crawl inside and perspire for over an hour.

Swanlinbar was once famous for the healing properties of its many spas and natural springs. However, only one spa well at Dromod Glebe/Drumbrughas to the south east of the village is now easily accessible. The waters of the well, with high sulphur content, are traditionally held to be a cure for rheumatism.




Shercock is a notable angling centre with nearby Lough Sillan a popular destination for anglers. Other lakes which can reap rewards for the dedicated angler include Milltown lake, Roosky lake and Steepleton's lake. Fishing bait, tackle and boats can all be bought and hired locally.

The local Church of Ireland is a beautiful building which dates from the final years of the eighteenth century and is well worth a visit.

At Milltown lake, there are the remnants of a promontory fort, which is over 2000 years old. The fort can be seen from the main road, jutting into the lake from the shoreline on the south side of the lake.

Shercock lies in the middle of Cavan's Drumlin Belt. The landscape is dominated by small but steep hills with lakes and bogs in between. These were made from material left behind by retreating glaciers and makes for the beautiful scenery enjoyed by walkers, cyclists and drivers.