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Prehistoric Sites
in County Cavan.

The Giant's Grave.

Situated a few miles from the village of Blacklion, in a small clearing surrounded by a ring of beech trees in the midst of a monotonous pine forest, "The Giant's Grave" is large, well preserved example with a gallery over 7 Metres (23 Ft) long, divided by a high septal slab into a long portico and a large main chamber. The gallery is covered by a total of eight roof stones, three cover the main chamber.

The front capstone has a series of depressions which may be artificial cup marks. Two of the front orthostats of the façade lean together forming a triangular entrance to the antechamber. The tomb resembles some of the large gallery-tombs (allées-couvertes) of France, and is well worth the trouble of the search.



The Enchanted Site.

Set in a clearing in a dismal conifer forest, the finding by chance was the jewel of our day. This dolmen, had an elemental magic, remarkable in special way, a place of pure Pagan Magic. To see, time manifested in nature, as the layer of the seasons, building upon its own legacy, turning, the bare bone of earth, in to a verdant haven for all the small lives that live within its embrace.

Surrounded by several small Rowan trees this dolman possesses an almost magical quality, the capstone standing a little above the ground, has growing upon it a thick layer of moss and heather.



The Calf House.

This massive capstone measures about 4 metres (15 Ft) long and 3 Meters (10 Ft) wide, it rests against two of its uprights, having slipped off the third. At some time in the fairly recent past some rubble walling has been added, converting it into possibly a shepherds shelter, although called locally 'The calf House' it seems a little small for this.