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Castle's in County Carlow.

Clonmore Castle.

(Great meadow.)

This ruined ivy covered keep less courtyard castle was built in the thirteenth century, the four corner turrets are still fairly intact. Thought history the castle saw many owners, but fell to Cromwell's army under Colonel John Hewson.



Ballymoon Castle.

(Muna's way or road.)

This castle was probably built by Roger Bigod in the late thirteenth century, it is a keep less courtyard castle with square towers on three sides and an arched gate with portcullis groves on the fourth.

It was near Ballymoon Castle that Dudley, son of Nichilas Bagenal was killed in an ambush during March 1587.

Co Carlow
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Castle Name Condition Description Founded By Date Parish/Townland Ord
Ballinkillin Hill Fort Ruins Hill Fort -
  Lorum, Lorum S723563
Ballyhacket Lower Hill Fort
Hill Fort -
  Kineagh, Ballyhacket Lower S831796
Ballyloughan Castle (Ballylaugham, Baltylorgan) Ruin Castle - "It is a picturesque pile, and, though now roofless, is about 50 feet high, with projecting round towers in front, flanking the gateway, which is arched with hewn stone. The walls are about five feet thick, and the second floor, supported by an arch, still remains, and is gained by a flight of steps."   13th? Slyguff, Bagenalstown S746585
Ballymoon Castle Ruin Castle - "the ruins of the castle of the preceptory of the Knights Templars; the walls, which are 8 feet in thickness and 30 in height, enclose a square of 130 feet, flanked by four square towers, and having a gateway entrance on the west side." Roger Bigod C13-14th Slyguff, Bagenalstown S740615
Carlow Castle (1) Ruin Castle - "… historical evidence remains which records that Hugh de Lacy built a castle for him[John de Clahull] in Obargi, which can probably now be identified with the earth and timber fore-runner of Carlow Castle." Hugh de Lacy for - John de Clahull 1180 Carlow, Carlow S715771
Carlow Castle (2) Ruin Castle - "… consist only of one side of the quadrangle, at each end of which is one of the massive round towers that flanked its angles;... the length of the side from tower to tower is 105 feet. The walls are of very great thickness, and shew that it must have been a fortress of much strength" William le Mareshal ,Earl of Pembroke and Lord of the Manor of Carlow 1207 Carlow, Carlow S715771
Castle Grace None Castle - Residence of - Grace Family (of Raymond le Gros)   Tullow, Tullow
Castlemore's Castle Ruin Castle - "Among the lands granted to him was the Barony of Forth O'Nolan in County Carlow, where he built a strong mote-and-bailey castle." Raymond le Gros C12th Fennagh, Castlemore
Castletown Castle Full Tower-House - "A small 19th Tudor/Gothic house incorporating a truncated tower-house which was greatly altered by William Roberston in 1835." Kavanaghs, Bagenals, George Carew and the Earl of Kildare
1780's - Owned by - Thomas "Buck" Whaley
1932 - Owned by - Monohan Family
  Carlow, Carlow
Clogrennan Castle (Cloughgrennan, Sir Edmond's Castle) Ruin Castle - "… on the banks of the River Barrow is to be seen Clogrennan Castle, now in ruins and covered with ivy… ???? - Castle owned by - Kavanaghs
1490 - Castle purchased by - Earls of Arran, Dukes of Ormonde
1568 - Castle taken by - Sir P. Carew
c1600 - Residence of - Sir E. Butler, 10th Duke of Ormonde
1641 - Castle attacked by - Irish Rebels
Idrone West Cloydagh, Clogrenan
Clonmore Castle Ruin Castle - "The ruins form three sides of a quadrangle, 170 feet square, of which the fourth has been demolished; at the angles are towers, and the whole was surrounded by a deep fosse, now filled up; several cabins have been built within the walls. " C13th - Built by - ????
1332 - Taken by - English
1516 - Captured by - Earl of Kildare
1598 - Captured by - Earl of Ormond
1650 - Taken by - Col. Hewson (Cromwell's Forces)
Rathvilly Clonmore, Clonmore S961762
Clonmullen castle None Castle - "… of which some traces were in existence about fifty years since, though now obliterated by the plough…" ???? - Residence of - Donell Spaniagh
C17th - in possession of - Sir Morgan Kavanagh
???? - Residence/Prison of? - Ellen Kavanagh
Forth Barragh, Clonmullen
Clowater castle Ruins Castle - ".. 'there are. the remains of a castle in Clowater.' No stone of this castle now remains in situ, but men not above 60 years of age remember to have seen the walls standing to a height of 20 feet."
Idrone East Bagenalstown/Ballyellin, Clowater
Duckett’s Grove Partial* Castellated Mansion - "The mansion was later transformed into a spectacular castellated Gothic fantasy.." 1830 - Transformed by - Thomas A Cobden for J D Duckett
1933 - Main Building burned
Carlow Killerick or Killerrig, Rainstown S800791
Friarstown castle Ruin Castle -
Carlow Killerick or Killerrig, Friarstown
Galbarstown Castle (Gilbertstown Castle) None Castle - C14th - Castle Taken by - Art Kavanagh McMurrogh
C14th - Castle dismantled by - O'Nolans, the Mac Murroughs, and the O'Birnes
Forth Gilbertstown, Gilbertstown
Garryhill Castle (Fennagh or Fenagh castle) Ruin House and Bailey - "His house would have been built of wooden structure "of clay and wattle made", the roof would have been thatched and surrounded by a kraal-like compound, housing a sizeable community of friends and followers." C14th - Residence of - Art Oge McMurragh [Kavanagh] (King of Leinster)
1394 - Attacked by - James II (King of England)
Idrone East Fennagh, Fennagh
Huntington Castle (Clonegal Castle) Full* Tower-House and Castellated Mansion - "Its three-storey four-bay castellated front seems hardly to have a straight line anywhere - the side walls gently leaning to one angle and the sash windows lying askew. The old core of Huntington Castle is a tower house built by Laurence..." 1625 - Rebuilt by - Laurence, Lord Esmonde
1640 - Occupied by - Cromwellian Forces
1849 - Inherited by - Alexander Durdin
1880 - House in possession of - Herbert Robertson
C20th - Owned by - Reverend Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (foundeer of The Fellowship of Isis)
St. Mullin's Upper Clonegal or Moyacomb, Clonegal
Kellystown Round Tower None Round Tower - "One of the ancient round towers stood here…" 1807 - Tower pulled Down Carlow Kellistown, Kellistown
Kilbelle Castle (Kellystown Castle)? None Castle - C14th - Castle Taken by - Art Kavanagh McMurrogh
C14th - Castle dismantled by - O'Nolans, the Mac Murroughs, and the O'Birnes
Carlow Kellystown, Kellystown?
Leighlinbridge Castle (1) ("Black Castle", "Black Rock Castle") Ruin Castle - 1180 - built by - Hugh de Lacy
???? - Castle Granted to - John de Claville
1397 - Castle Taken by - Donald Mc Art [Kavanagh]
Idrone East Agha/Augha, Leighlinbridge
Leighlinbridge Castle (2) (Black Castle, "Black Rock Castle", Castle of Laghlen) Ruin Castle - "...consisting of an oblong tower, about 50 feet high, completely capped with ivy; one of the floors resting on an arch is still remaining, and there is a flight of steps leading to the summit; it appears to have formed the north-western angle of a quadrangular enclosure, 315 feet in length and 234 feet wide, surrounded by a wall seven feet thick, with a fosse on the outside; part of the wall is standing on the west side, and at the south-eastern angle are the ruins of a round tower, the walls of which are ten feet in thickness." 1547 - Rebuilt by - Edward Bellingham
1577 - Submitted to Siege by - Rory Og O’Moore
1642 - 300 imprisoned English freed by - Duke of Ormond’s army
1650 - Castle falls to - Colonel Hewson (Under Cromwell)
Idrone East Agha/Augha, Leighlinbridge
Lorum Castle None Castle -
Idrone East Lorum, Lorum
Old Leighlin Castle None Tower-House - "Edw. II. granted ... certain customs to build a tower for the defence of the town…" 1310 - Grant given to - Ade Le Bretown
1399 - Succession to - Richard Rocomb
Idrone West Old Leighlin, Old Leighlin
Rathlyon? (Rathlyn Castle) or Rathville Castle? None Castle - C14th - Castle Taken by - Art Kavanagh McMurrogh
C14th - Castle dismantled by - O'Nolans, the Mac Murroughs, and the O'Birnes
Rathvilly Tullow, Rathlyon or Rathville, Rathville
Rathnegeragh Castle (Ranegeragh Castle) Ruin Castle - "square gatehouse" ???? - Owned by - Kavanaghs Idrone East Fennagh/Fenagh, Rathnageeragh
Rathvilly Motte (Ráth Bhile, "ring fort of the trees", "the 'Great Mound' and circular moat") Ruin Ring Fort - C5th - Residence of - Crimthan, King of Leinster Rathvilly Rathvilly, Rathvilly S890818
St. Mullin's Round Tower None Round Tower - "The earliest remains are the very low stump of a Round Tower." 632 - Ancient monastery founded by - St. Moling, or St. Mullin
951 - Plundered by - Vikings
1138 - Church and Monastery burned
St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullins, S729380
Tullow Castle None Castle - "A 12th century motte castle." ???? - Castle erected by - Hugh de Lacy
???? - Caretaker of Castle - John de Hereford (later the King John 1st of England)
???? - Castle Granted to - Theobald Walter (the founder of the Butler family)
???? - Possession of - Col. Butler
1650 - Castle Taken by - Cols. Hewson and Reynolds
Rathvilly Tullow, Tullow S8574
White Castle None Castle - "...another fortress, built by one of the Fitzgeralds, and named for distinction White castle." 1408 - Built by - Gerald, fifth Earl of Kildare [Fitzgerald]
1399 - Succession to - Richard Rocomb
Idrone East Agha/Augha, Leighlinbridge