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Ecclesiastical Sites
in Co Armagh.

Killevy Churche's.

(Church of the mountain.)

Churches dating to the 10t and 13th the earlier church has a massively lintelled door. It is the site of a 5th century nunnery founded by St Monenna. She is said to be buried under a granite slab in the graveyard

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Armagh Friary.

This Franciscan Friary was founded by Archbishop O'Scannlail in 1263 It had prominent patrons and played an important role in the religious life of the city. It was suppressed in 1542 during the Tudor conquest, some religious activity remained on the site, although by the early 1600's it was ruined.

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Co Armagh
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The church was the burial place of many important local people, one of whom Gormlaith O'Donnell wife of Domhnail O'Neill, she was interred here in 1353.

The Friary has the destination of being the longest in Franciscan Friary Ireland, at 49.8 Metres (163 Ft 4 ins). The site was excavated in the 1960's and not unsurprisingly traces of medieval occupation were found.