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Dunseverick Castle.

County Antrim.


Dunseverick Castle.

(Sobhairce's fort.)

The castle derives its name from Sobairce, one of the Kings of Ireland, who reputedly built a fort, called Dunsobairce (Fortress of Sobairce), in 1525 BC.

Dunseverick Castle is thought to be one of the three great Dun's (Royal forts) which were visited by St Patrick in the 5th century, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Dal Riada. It was captured by the Vikings in AD 871. All that is to be seen today are the remains of the 16th century tower, that was the focus of the struggle between the warring families in the area the MacDonnells, O'Cahans, O'Neills and the MacQuillans.

The castle is associated with one of Irelands oldest tragic love stories. 'Deirdre and the fate sons of Uisneach'. Cathbad the Druid foretold before the birth of Deirdre, that her beauty would bring disaster upon the Province of Ulster.

The Annals of the Four Masters, states that Dun-Sobhairce was among the first fortresses erected in this island by the Milesians. The Annals of the For Masters also relate that Dun-Sobhairce was plundered by the Danes in 994.

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Dunseverick Castle

Read about Dunseverick Castle from Sketches of Olden Days by Rev. Hugh Forde

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Read about Dunsevereck Castle from The Dublin Penny Journal Number 46, May 11, 1833